mugen shiyo Apr 23, 2012
I asked myself this a lot. I realized I like writing and even though I can't be novel all I need to do is tell my story and have fun doing it.

I think there are a lot of stories that are different but have not found exposure. I am sure of it. It's just- perhaps- that Hollywood likes certain types a certain times and maybe so do editors. But I was thinking to myself that the internet gives you a way around all that policy and- sometimes, as it would seem- snobbery. You can promote yourself and your story...or film.

I'd say stick with the idea you had in the beginning, stick to the feeling you had when you made it. Though the story may evolve I'm sure the feeling and the intention of it- if, indeed, you have a story or something to say or show- will always remain the same.

In the end, it's confidence, persistence, and patience. And I hope you get through it on top.