The Story Fairy

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She came one night. Quiet stealthily then kazoom. The characters were in a tight bind - no way were they getting out of this spot. No direction from the author, all was falling apart.

'Shh!' She says, 'I am gonna dress up in disguise and surprise them.' In a blast of blinding rainbow light not unlike a Care Bear stare she appears before the despondant characters. By this time Angus has put his feet up and demanded ginger tea and cake. Socrates and Nate have asked for quiet time in the cleaning closet. Just for something to do they told their author. Gilbert is sitting calmly, patiently.

'I am Milly Van Silly - tell me your story desires please.'

Gilbert clears his throat. 'Somehow we need to get everyone to the Queen's base. It needs to be raided tonight. We have no idea how to proceed.'

'OK gentlemen get ready for the raid.' Said Milly.

They all stand round the dimminutive fairy. 'Everyone close their eyes now.' She raises her wand saying the magic incantation. 'make story it will happen.' She waves her wand emitting the most beautiful light.

The gentlemen close their eyes. Upon opening each are upon a steed in the middle of other soldiers - moving forward to the Queen's base. Gilbert says. 'Guess we work the rest out next draft lads.'

'Woohoo.' Let us move on. Said Angus.

Poor Milly Van Silly no longer needed dreams of the day she will take centre stage in her own story,
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