mugen shiyo Sep 7, 2011
:) ...And he gets transported to a magical world of the past?

If that was the case, yes, that part is certainly predictable.

I liked the beginning when I thought you were actually describing him digging up an old building and working construction in a fantasy world already. Construction doesn't seem to be a trade described that much in those kinds of books. Always warrior, priest, guilds, merchants, yada, yada.

As an introduction to the concept of your story, this works, but as a first chapter, it would need a little more back story. Mostly about who the character is and his former life before finding the sword. So we can have a sense of transition. (that's not an absolute, though, just how I felt)

And the character seems to know to much about the sword, even though you say he doesn't know.

I think it's a beginning not unlike other beginnings, but your imagination could take it anywhere. I'd read the second chapter whenever you write it out.