The Sword of Vulcan: Part 6

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The creature now known as Nex Necis crashed back down to earth in the middle of a furious battle. Climbing up out of the crater his landing had caused, he stopped for a moment to assess the fight. One side was dressed in full camouflage and carried some serious ordinance. The other side was less well equipped and dressed simply in everyday t-shirts and kaki pants. After taking a mere moment to consider, Nex Necis launched himself at the nearest camouflaged soldier and cut the man to ribbons with his mighty sword.

Wading into the fray, Vulcan’s monster tore through his new enemies. Hacking at them with his flaming blade, he killed without mercy. Bullets rained down upon his armored body causing sparks with every hit. Paying them no attention whatsoever, Nex continued his rampage. Soon bodies were piled up in mounds on either side of him and he advanced unchecked through the infantry division. His target was obvious; he made a straight shot for the tanks lined up across the back of the battlefield.

In a desperate effort to take down the giant machine that was smashing through their ranks two tanks opened fire. Both anti-tank guided missiles hit their target head-on, one right after the other. Smoke obscured their view and the soldiers waited with baited breath to see if the colossus had been destroyed. The smoke finally cleared.

Nex was still standing and after a tense moment, he started coming forward yet again. Terrified of the seemingly invincible monstrosity determined to destroy them the soldiers in camouflage fled in an unorganized flight from the battlefield. Men could be seen hauling themselves out of the tanks and fleeing the fight.

As he continued onward, Nex used his sword to slash into those around him. The number of dead multiplied alarmingly quickly and very few escaped from his terrible onslaught. Reaching the now empty tanks, he raised his bloodied sword high above his head and grasped its hilt with both steel-encased hands. Swinging downwards with awful force, the blade carved through the metal hulls like a hot knife through butter. One after another, each tank was utterly destroyed.

Having completed his task, Nex turned at the sound of cheering behind him. The other side, those in kakis and t-shirts and carrying outdated AK-47s were yelling, jumping up and down and raising their guns up into the air. They believed that Nex was an awesome warrior or perhaps some sort of machine that had been sent down from above to free them from their oppressors.

One of the braver guerrillas approached the arm of Vulcan and in an obscure dialect attempted to profess his intense admiration and deepest thanks. He fell to his knees and bowed his head before the creature. At its feet he laid his weapon.
Raising his sword once more, Nex sliced off the head of his prostrate disciple. The others who had also come forward to praise their would-be saviour fell back in shock. Nex looked up at them and as one they all turned and fled screaming back the way they had come.

Stepping over the beheaded warrior at his feet, Nex Necis continued his deadly mission.

To be Continued in Part 7!
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