The Sword of Vulcan: Part 8

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Between the battles that Vulcan would transport Nex to, the creature would rest in a sort of limbo-like place. Held in darkness, Nex waited until called upon yet again to go forth and destroy all who ventured into his path. It was while in this place that Paul planned how he would challenge Vulcan. Feeling the light tug that always came right before Nex would be dropped into another fight, Paul screwed his courage to the sticking place.

With a deafening thump, the monster created another small crater in the Earth. All around was chaos; bullets flew, missiles screeched past and everywhere people screamed and ran. Nex stepped out onto the field and his sword burst once more into flame.

It was at this moment that Paul finally took back control and Nex froze. All around soldiers and militants watched as the terror that had slaughtered hundreds simply stood, unmoving before them.

Within the armor, Paul struggled desperately to restrain Nex’s killing instincts. It took all of his willpower to withstand the command of Vulcan and he felt as though his brain was going to explode with the effort.

Finally after what felt like years, but could have been no longer than a couple minutes, the air before Nex shimmered and suddenly Vulcan appeared before him. Admittedly, Vulcan was ugly to begin with, but furious anger made him even more appalling to behold. And at the moment, Vulcan was nothing short of enraged.

Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to hold back the beast much longer, Paul seized his chance to speak before Vulcan had so much as opened his mouth.

“Mighty Vulcan, god of the forge and the fire, I hereby challenge thee. Will you, divine being within this mortal realm, accept my challenge and face that which you have created?”

Even under such distress, Paul felt a small smile tugging at him: he was definitely getting better at the whole speech thing.

For a second, the great god stood utterly still; then he threw back his head and like a volcano erupting, let out a roar that shook the very Earth itself. A torrent of unintelligible words poured forth from him and he started stomping about and gesturing wildly with his arms. Like a child forbidden a treat, he gave into an almighty tantrum that went on and on for countless minutes.

Slowly he regained his composure and after multiple deep breaths he turned back to Paul and in a voice tight with barely restrained fury, he demanded:

“You pathetic, pitiful, ungrateful little wretch, you dare to challenge me? I am a god, more powerful than an insect like you could ever even understand. Accepting a challenge from the likes of you would not gain me any glory no matter how quickly I defeated you. Why then would I agree to such a contest?”

“If you should win, then Nex Necis will no longer have my conscience holding him back. Your monster will be able to rampage across this Earth without check. However, if I should win, you will swear to destroy this armor and set me free. You are a god and I am naught but your pawn; why refuse when you have everything to gain and supposedly nothing to lose?”

To Be Continued in Part 9!
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