The Tale of a Time Lord

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This was my entry into the 95th poetry contest. I hope noone objects to me posting it now that the comp is closed. :)

There once was an alien physician,
Who was a little upset at his position,
He needed to kill,
But had not the will,
Preferring to fight with cognition.

So now the alien physician,
Took on a dangerous mission,
Avoided the fight,
But instead took flight,
To stop some nuclear fission.

But then the alien physician,
Found himself in bad condition,
Broken and bruised,
His body abused,
He began to start the transition.

For you see, this physician could cheat,
As he lit up the darkened street,
A brand new face,
In the same old place,
A man who could never be beat.

So now The Doctor lives on,
His battle finally won,
Sat in his seat,
Resting his feet,
Wondering where his TARDIS had gone.
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