The Tears that Silence Brings

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A bit of poetry I wrote about a year ago.

The tears that silence brings.

Silence, something that says you aren't saying anything.
Who knew that such silence could cause such suffering?
Keeping your words to yourself,
Keep anger inside, rage inside, sadness inside,
so the other can survive and keep going.
When there are no words to speak,
no tides to turn aside,
only your thoughts to keep you company, there is still only silence.

Years of keeping a family together,
for the sake of the children,
the silence can be overwhelming.
In spite of all the yelling,
but not saying what you need to say,
what tears at your heart,
what clogs your throat, there is still only silence.

Being strong in the face of the problems
that would crumble a weaker person,
bring them to their knees.
Your legs are still stiff and strong,
your shoulders wide but burdened
worries piled there, there is still only silence.

After years have gone by,
the words still won't come,
stuck behind a dam strong and high
feels like it will never break, there is still only silence.

After a loved one has passed on,
the inner strength that has kept you going
flows away from you.
Words you needed to speak had not been spoken in time, there is still only silence.

At the end of the silence, there are the tears that silence brings.
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