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The third race created, The Airmids

Published by Exzalia in the blog Exzalia's blog. Views: 126

It is said that an Air mid never touches the ground through out their entire lives. Airmids are people of the the sky and what a strange sky it is. Exzalia's skies are a whole world onto it's self, giant land masses migrate thousands of miles across it's skies housing strange and forgotten secrets, whole continents adrift on a breeze blocking the sky over some area's for years. It is these places the airmids call home. They are a small race standing a little over 5 feet, but that's with out the gorgeous and colourful feathers that decorate their bodies, often adding a good two more feet. They are humanoid with arms and legs but unlike humans they very slender, even the males have strongly muscled but thin chests, light weight with falcon eye's each Airmid has their own unique style of feathers. They are a brightly colourful race groups of them forming living rain bows in the sky.

Unfortunately not much else is know about them. They never come to the ground willingly, and those who do rarely speak. They are ignored by most other races, how ever many humans have a keen interest in them. Their ability to fly endlessly has sparked an envious desire among human kind and many search for them hoping, that they will reveal the secret of flight. But the Airmids are a stubborn race, and the few that do speak will not even on pain of death, reveal the power of flight to any land dweller.

What we do know is that Airmids can use wind, water, and light Aether and they may have been the inspirations for the legends of angels. They watch us from their perch in the sky, perhaps even observing our conflicts and I feel it won't be long, before events beyond mortal control will bring us together.
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