The unblessed ....

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love showed its magic and brought them together
happy they were with moments that showered
two had it all to be so perfect
the lust dat kept growing and the touch that was left
for life long they wanted the same
but life wont just give what u ask
it wasnt the end, their journey just began
wid tears of love and affection
evrytime they were it started to rain
the clear clouds ..the sunset the dawn..
they saw it togethr for long
with blossoms all around the romantic atmosphere was their home
soon creamed with the darkness the flying hearts fell apart
poison all over the enemies were proud
never froevr their love did rot
how worse thngs can get was the only thought
they promised to stay close and never let go
with the wind that blew their passion away..
the leaves fell of the tree and they both passed away
feelings so deep that to the soul they reached
tho the fate wasnt on their side together they still were
the love had to leave this ride and carry to the other end
the couple that felt the love
the untouched the unkissed
and there they were..all covered in grave...the unblessed !
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