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How do you see writing?

My mom once told me that she imagines writing to be like running through a forest: You start at the beginning and run through twists and turns and circles until you finally get out of the forest.

So after many years of thinking and pondering I have my own vision of writing.

Writing, to me, is like sewing a quilt. Your needle is what you use to write your story with (be it pencil or keyboard), the threads are the sentences and the quilt as a whole is your story. The patterns you choose to add to your quilt represent the characters and scenes of your story. The colors of your quilt represent the various personalities and themes of your story. The layout of all these various elements is essentially the sequence of events in your plot.

Sometimes as you sew a rip might occur to create a plot hole. You then have a choice of sewing the hole back together or patching it over with something else that could potentially ruin the whole design of the quilt. There are also times when loose threads might occur. You then have the choice of tying these threads or snipping them off.

At the end when every loose thread is tied or snipped, every pattern and color is put into place and the quilt is ironed out you are left with a lovely and unique creation to show off to the world.

So I ask you, what is your vision of writing?
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