The walk of shame

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I'll do you the favor and grace you with my pithy, crappy comments. I don't even know why I visit forums online... Anyway...

I'm in a bit of a rut, so watching you get to all this writing gives me a headache. I can barely write now. My atmosphere sucks: smack dab in the middle of the living room...with noise...and a television... But this is you, not me.

Basically, my point is that you're overwhelming load of work is actually draining my energy away from me. Thank you very much. D:

=D Good luck with everything.'
Den, in my last Blog

Oh god. How bad I feel now.
To put it simply and quickly, I failed the challenge. By about ten thousand words. Not to mention that I made Den feel bad. Sorry Den.
Fact is that Im disorganised, and the last week of the challenge was also my last week of term, so I went out a few times relaxed. Got back into footie manager, while also playing resi evil 5, oblivion, and snooker on and off. Bad excuses, yes, yes they are. But I plan to have the novel finished before my sister arrives net week. As it was the 50000 words wouldnt have covered the extent of the plot, but thats just another excuse ain't it.

Now, moving on.
Its not been that good a week for my writing either. I joined a site which is like a you tube for short stories (here ya go Do you ever get that feeling of inadequacy in the art of writing? I get it alot. When you are in the underground seeing those theatre adverts with booming quotes from reviews about it being the new 'MUST SEE!' thing. Those depress me. So do books with those same quotes. Part of the reason why I don't read so much I think.

And this week has had loads of those. The underground, not getting into the creative writing magazine at uni, generally feeling intimidated by other peoples writing. The works.
It led me to look back at some of my writing. And dismiss it as needing major revision. Sigh...I have alot of improvement to do.
But before all of that twoddle, I have a novel to finish before my sister gets back a week from now. That I AM going to do.

Anyways, off I go

cya, Crashbang (Spaz)
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