The Wilds

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The Wilds
Adenosine Triphosphate

“The Internet is the world's largest library. It's just that all the books are on the floor.” — John Allen Paulos

Google can take you anywhere, and you may be surprised at your final destination.

Trust not the banner ad; it will rob you of your soul and your credit card number.

Walls of code, shining screens of light and sound, a city that never sleeps and works tirelessly to shield its residents from the call of their beds. It will lead you to an endless, sitting stupor of sleep deprivation and post-orgasmic fog.

The Wilds are a place of freedom. Free speech, free music, free games, free friends, free porn, and free computer viruses.

When on YouTube, do not dwell in the comments section; it will make the most passive man into a monster.

You will find hordes of users, black and white, male and female, liberal and conservative, all waiting to tell you to kill yourself because you like the wrong genre of music.

Throughout your travels, you will encounter endless amounts of information. Some of it will even be true.

Beware the courage of the keyboard. You can go on Facebook and slice your neighbor up with words, but he can meet you tomorrow and slice you up with blades.

The Wilds may free.

The Wilds may teach.

The Wilds may enslave.

The Wilds may kill.
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