The World Says No

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A long time ago, I was reading a "get out of debt" book by Dave Ramsey and he said that the moment you declare to the world that you wish to live debt free is the day when the world will challenge you on it. I.E. - the car breaks down, an unexpected bill arrives, the house explodes.

I came to learn this as a cold hard truth but my wife and I overcame it and now live an almost debt free lifestyle (only paying the mortgage)

So Sunday I declared I wanted to live a writing lifestyle and the world was at it again, telling me no. My workload filled up, my blackberry fired up at 3am, and my schedule was too full. So this is the hard part, trying find a space to write when the world says no.

Unfortunately for the world, I'm saying yes and making plans to do it. blackberry be damned.
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