Theories of a Darkened Mind

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"What is darkness but the absence of light?" Someone said this though I do not remember who. I heard it and I believed it, but understand it? Rather, I think, I put my own thoughts into what it meant.

To me, Darkness is just another proven fact that for one thing there must be an opposite. Yin and Yang, as some wise China man theorized. Darkness is the opposite of light, no more evil then the ground is from the sky. No different then Males from Females. Darkness is not something to be feared or revered as it's own entity. It is only the completion of a balance that has existed for ages.

I believe no life is complete without first experiencing not just the good times, but the bad as well. How is one to truly understand happiness if they have not yet experienced sadness? How can one know to be grateful before they have went without? The answer is simple, they can't. No matter how much they study, or watch others, they will remain ignorant. They will not know the true representation of these feelings until they have experience the opposite. That, I firmly believe in.

I admit that I cannot empathize with many feelings. I can't live fully yet, for I have never experienced a time when my life could of ended. Nor can I love fully, for I have never been truly hated. This makes for a very sad assistance if you think about it too long, and too hard. Dwelling on these facts have made me regret my life, even try to end it at times. However, I could never fulfill the plans of my demise. The reason I believe is this; no matter how much I wanted it all to end, I remained because deep down I wanted to live. Buried beneath my petty and selfish views I knew that ending my life wasn't an option. Obviously, I am still alive. So now instead of turning to self-pity for my deprivation of certain feelings and experiences, I turn to my pencil.

I write, because my conciseness tells me to. I write, because I have experienced many things and I feel that my voice should not be left unheard. I write, because there are people out there who may hear my words and help them. That unknown person who wrote "What is Darkness but the absence of Light?" helped me, though they probably did not know it. My words are mostly fiction, true, but the feelings and the lessons I place in them? They are absolutely true.
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