Theories on theories.

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Feeling lost when you're not really lost is a very confusing period of time in life. You're lost inside, but everything outside is poised to show you ways to go. Though. I think maybe it is possible to be lost without being lost. It's like that iconic image of standing infront of a crossroads, watching the roads go in different directions. With the wooden pole in the middle with the tired wooden pointers with somewhat still readable place names. But, if you take one of the roads presented. How do you know it's the right one? What would be the downsides? Would you miss out on something good down another road? Is the road you're about to take going to be good for you? Or is it gonna be bad for you. You've been hurt in the past so it's not like you're eager to take another road just to end up with the same result. That's the same concept as banging your head against a brick wall and expecting a different result. Only shorter, as you don't have to move much. And we all know what a very smart man once said about actions such like these. So if you take that, along with choosing roads, actually the action of choosing at all and put it together. The only conclusion could be that we are all insane. So, to sum up so far, we're not lost, we're stalled. But if we do move, we're insane. I could be happy with being insane and moving, as opposed to stalled and ... bored.
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