There are two wolves fighting for your soul.

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They are both grey. One is old and scarred, it has been dragged through the mud, seen the horrors of the world, and has lost its pack. The other has never known strife, never been left alone in the cold, its fur clean and pristine. One represents evil. One represents good. Which is which?

I try to feed my wolves equal amounts. They both need to eat. And parting with one, will weaken the other. There are times when I have failed to feed them equally. Times where I have fed one wolf more. When my heart becomes void and callous, my thoughts dark and vicious. Yet in the depths of depravity, there is still a flicker of hope. Other times my heart glows like a sun, my thoughts filled with beauty. Yet even in the heights of the heavens, there is still a patch of darkness. Can one of the wolves truly ever win?
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