They Say[Short Story idea]

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They say there is one magical note for you in the world.
One magical song that quells not only happiness withing your body, but grips all the sadness out of your soul. That one note that makes you feel everything. That one note that is like a drug that you have drunken or smoked. A note that makes you alive inside, like you were revisiting life.
I fear that there is no note for me. So far all notes seize me inside and make me feel breathe and think. All notes take my sadness and my happiness from me. And I'm left a shell for the notes to do whatever.
I think there is more then one note for one person. But one song may speak out to one person more then another song. So maybe we should say there is one song for every person. But there is many notes for us. I can no longer grasp the concepts anyway.
Maybe because my mind has become dull and forgotten listening and searching for so many notes. And not finding my song.
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