Things I love (Idea ripped off from CDRW because I like it!)

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Some things I love:


Exploring libraries

Smugly walking in the rain or sleet with an umbrella

The whisper of leaves in the wind

The funny things kids say

The sharp taste of ginger tea

chocolate chip cookies!

knowing someone likes something I created

creative cooking

Colors! Sunsets, vegetables, flowers, yarn, paint, etc.

Dewdrops on spiderwebs

cranberry juice over ice

satisfaction of a job well done

my family

snuggling with my kids as I read to them

a creek in any season


a sweatshirt on a cool day, especially if it's warm from the dryer

hot chocolate

the right word at the right time

seeing the pattern emerge when I'm crocheting



posies, even if I don't know what they are

unexpected gifts

Giving things away

Making homemade chili and baking bread on a cold day so that the windows in the kitchen fog up

Greeting my daughter with warm bread and cold butter and a big glass of chocolate milk when she gets home from school

Chocolate milk with exactly one ice cube



When my jeans fit just right

boots! (all kinds)

good RP interaction

wildly imaginative writing

lazy summer days

anyone with a good sense of humor

my double-thick furry blanket from Mexico

watching my three-year-old son dance or run with that little skip in the middle of his strides as thought he's got intermittent rocket power

when my daughter learns something new and I can see it really 'click' in her head


when my husband gives me that 'It's us against the world, Baby!' grin


the perfect moment in early morning or late at night when I feel like the only person on earth who is awake (i can hate this, too)

being right! (sometimes this actually happens)

lighting effects on snow

building stuff with my kids out of snow

puddle stomping

Giving away produce from my garden or extras of something I baked or cooked.

(perhaps to be continued...)
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