Things I wanted to say before I forgot what I wanted to say

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1. Tokio Hotel is cool at first, but, after one song, the vocalist's voice starts to annoy me. The masochist in me listens anyway:p

2. Mom just bought a new car which she says will be mine when she buys her van. The car is only four years old:D

3. I love, love, lovelove,lovelovelovelovelove LOVE volleyball, but I swear I have the body of someone twice my age.

4. I can already tell that this year is going to put me on a tee, pull back, and whack me with a niner club. "Fore!"

5. Spanish Five. Oh my freaking GOSH, AP Spanish Five, "Lo me confundi!" I don't even think I said that right:(

6. College is less than twelve months away. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

7. Oh, and I have come to the conclusion that we are all born with a sense of pshyic something in us. I think that mainly because I keep dreaming scenes in my life that play out within 72 hours. And they're always inane. Maybe that's a good thing, if I had known what my first kiss would have been like, I wouldn't have done it....Anyhoo...

8. Sadly, the only way I would keep myself from not logging on would be if I asked to be banned, which I'm never going to do; I have to learn self-control after all:rolleyes:

9. I have got to stop using so many smillies...

10. Life goes on whether you're weak or strong, just try not to be dragged along. You have to get up and strut, or at least pretend not to crawl.

11. How friggin random can I get?

12. I have nothing more to say, I just couldn't end on an odd number. Thanks for reading this though >insert biggrin<
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