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Things that are on my mind [1]

Published by Risen Glory in the blog Risen Glory's blog. Views: 68

I'm really questioning life.

No, I'm not depressed; quite the opposite, really. I'm just thinking. A hell lot.

If one actually takes a few minutes to ponder about our existence, it doesn't take long to realize that... our lives... are, frankly, worth nothing. Even the great philosophers and thinkers of the past mean nothing nowadays. Great, we have a few morally good people and the rest don't give a damned.

The point of the matter is, we as humans only live to spread and multiply. "You are a virus," Agent Smith said.

Many people don't realize that one more human on earth equals a hundred less animals on earth. We don't care about the space we occupy because we believe the space is ours. We don't care about the animals who lived in our space prior to our existence, because we believe the whole planet is ours.

Here's a quote from Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn.
Everywhere there are species of animals dying because we don't care. In Ishmael, it says that we humans are in a war with our planet. The objective of the war... is to defeat our planet, make it ours, and finally take control of everything on it.
In The Giver, civilization has finally manipulated everything possible on earth. Weather, something responsible by a higher entity, color, a normal and essential characteristic of anyone, and emotions are all finally mastered.
Mouse says in The Matrix.

It is not global warming we have to worry about that might bring the destruction of the world; it's whether enough humans realize that the earth should not be controlled by humans, and instead, let the earth control us.
Remember, the earth does not need humans. But we need the earth.

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