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Thinking About Writing, and Thinking about Competition

Published by ChaosReigns in the blog A Writer's Illusion.. Views: 187

I Can't honestly say that lately i've felt like a writer. I seemed to have found myself disillusioned with the thing i love the most, and I don't know what scares me more, the fact I have become disillusioned, or the fact that the thing I love has been slipping away from me slightly.

I completely understand that my life can be hectic with University and trying to find a job, but I shouldn't forget what it is I love doing - Writing. and although I did finish writing my third novel this year, I think I spent too long on one series and I think that is where the Problem sets in, I think I set myself so tightly on one course that I found myself losing the enjoyment I once had with it.

That is where the Competition comes in, I log in here one day on the off chance that something interesting might have happened one day (like, i suddenly became extremely popular for no apparent reason) to find an announcment about the 10th Anniversary competition. which suddenly spiked my interest, I had considered entering one of the short story comps to give myself a break and was going to head there, but decided to do this instead.

I tell you what, having this change of pace with this concept has certainly helped me a lot, it has got me away from my main series enough to be able to actually enjoy what i am doing for once

I do hope to be round more as well because of this

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