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Thinking Out-loud #4: You Are Needed

Published by Andrae Smith in the blog In My Thinking Chair. Views: 437

Hi guys. Looks like I'm taking a brief stop in my thinking chair.

I've finally begun to break ground into new ways of thinking. I'm not finished yet, of course (could I ever really be?), but one of the things that's been pressing me a lot lately is the idea of the authentic self. People today spend more time sharing quotes and pictures and hiding on the internet than developing their own thoughts and expressing what's inside of them. At times I can't help but wonder if there is anything original in them in the first place.

It's time to be more authentic and start expressing ourselves. Get into yourself, discover who you are, how you flow, how you resonate. Form an intimate relationship with yourself and realize your entire being. That in itself will help you understand your own importance and that of everyone else. It's about ALL of us and EACH of us. It's about love for the outer and the inner, the all and the one.

We are so destructive simply because we do not know our own value. We are bound by conflated egos, but true self abides deeper than this superficial idea of self. Find self and you find connection to something more. Then illusion fades and you recognize (re-know) the importance and equality of all life.

Simply by awakening to our own selves, we will foster traits like compassion, wisdom, harmony, and intuition. We'll recognize the complexity of life at varying scales and, perhaps, our place(s) in it, as a part of it, not the apex. (Creation is continuous, ongoing, and we are participants and facilitators.)

The world is desperate for authentic people, original people, people who can bring their unique perspectives to our complex problems. We need physicists every bit as much as we need biologists and philosophers and teachers and movie directors and painters and singers and mothers. We each have something the world needs, and we are out of balance because most of us are trying to be something we are not--and worse, we aren't even aware of that.

It's time to tune out the distractions, turn down the chatter and background noise. We have to flip the intake switch to output so we can become empty. In this emptiness we will find how full we really are, that we have abundance to spill out into the world.

You don't have to wait for someone else to say something; there is a value in putting things into your own words. That thing becomes yours, your discovery. Not in the possessive sense, but that in that you have come to it on your own and the experience will expand your consciousness and promote further freedom of thought. Freedom is one of the highest aspirations.

Love and freedom go hand-in-hand as two of life's greatest pillars, two things we are born with and have no right to encroach on. Individuality, the knowledge that you are not the same as others, unique to your point in space and time, unique to your awareness and ideas (even if shared by others), is freedom of mind. And that is what the world is lacking. The mind needs to be free in order to evolve, and evolution is the function of creation.

One needn't even affiliate with a religion or believe in souls or a higher power. One must simply believe in his or her self and take responsibility for his or her own trajectory. The only other necessity is that you meditate, by which I mean take time every day to be in total stillness with yourself, to facilitate the emptying and self-recognition. Just relax and be, and be aware of your being. Whatever spiritual ideas comes of that, then, is right for you.

This is my truth, a discovery I made all on my own. Sure I had help in the way of planted seeds here and there, but it's something that budded within my consciousness when I began to nurture it. I'm thankful for the chance to share it with you, even if no one cares to read it. Self-expression isn't about the reception (who sees it, who likes it, etc.), but the state of uninhibited being. ;)
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