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Third Post

Published by solarstarrkatt in the blog solarstarrkatt's blog. Views: 68

Typing while the sun is out. Haha. Actually, I'm not that "nocturnal nerd". I have softball and, now, archery to do, not to mention reading books.

Ever watch the new Freaky Friday? Mark Harmon plays Ryan, and after watching NCIS, its a little freaky. Pun intended.

I'm re-reading Hunger Games for the umpteenth time. There is this a summer reading program, and I need hours because one of my friends is a reading fiend, and I'm utterly determined to beat her. I have a small upper hand, because I have no set bedtime because of Summer Vacation, and I also was signed up earlier because she was in school today. Weird, I keep thinking no one will read this, but there is a chance someone will.
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