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This is just plain mean!

Published by DanesDarkLand in the blog DanesDarkLand's blog. Views: 155

Here I am, minding my own business, trying to sleep, and a blooming dream comes in and interrupts that wonderful sleep with an amazing idea for a new book!


I've already one that is in revision mode, another sitting in the old noggin waiting for time to be put down on paper, another sitting in a file waiting for time to be written properly, and finally another idea that screams at me to get writing.

Too many ideas, too little time, and my job is getting in the way! Wahh!

Oh well, that's what I love about writing. Unpredictable, full of inspiration on one day, and dry as the desert the next. Ohh, and I forgot that other dream I wrote down last week, and the one I haven't yet put on paper.

A whole lot of ideas.... Too bad I still have to sleep. ;)
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