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People Across America Highly Offended

In an effort to cut back on using gender persuasion to market to youngsters, and to instead encourage children to choose toys based on their own unique preferences, Target announced Tuesday that the department store chain will remove the words "girls" and "boys" in the labeling of toys and home decor.

This decision may seem minor, but many upset Americans urge you to disagree.

Psychotherapists were asked to weigh in on the decision on major news networks, while angry consumers across the nation took to social media to publicly declare outrage.

"I'm so sick of everyone being so offended, so now I'm offended that they're offended. If Target keeps pandering to all these offended whiners and refuses to cater to my own brand of offendedness, I'm going to stay offended and I'll never shop there again."

A few shoppers under the misguided impression that Target will only carry gender neutral items going forward added their own two cents on what is now being referred to as ‪#‎TwoCentsTuesday‬.

"My daughter likes pink. This is unacceptable. Why would Target ban pink? How will we spice up the crappy new furniture we just bought there? I hope they'll be offering refunds on futons, because if I can't buy pink accent pillows, it just won't work."

Offended consumers claim to worry that the new merchandising will give their children mixed ideas about gender identity, but skeptics argue that these consumers are simply choosing to be offended by offended people, and they just haven't caught on to the irony attached to their anger.

"I think it's hilarious. I hope more people get offended. I get bored at night now that I've finished Orange is the New Black."

We have yet to reach out to Target for comment on the matter.
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