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This one is about writing, yeah!

Published by lastresort in the blog lastresort's blog. Views: 206

Some of you are probably wondering whether I am aspiring to any writing at all. All I am really doing is blogging. I think maybe that is the limit for me. I have vague dreams of writing comedy skits. But they remain vague and I can't help thinking my ego gets carried away often.
My idea is the more I write, the clearer I'll get in my head, what I want to write. If I had quals. in clinic psych. and counselling, throw in some Buddhist gap-year in Asia, and I might just create my own website. Offer people some feel-good counselling and pass the buck by having a whole page devoted to "external links". Quote Eckhart Tolle and the bible at the same time, to show how broad-minded I am.
It amazes me how people write novels, even short stories. To spend so long in the head of one's characters. Must be hard to come back to reality sometimes. The part that bores me is the descriptive stuff. I don't enjoy reading it and I hate writing it. I don't care about the shape, texture and colour of a dining room table. Just tell me , it's a table and I'll use my own concept of what a dining room table is. I'm more into the anxious monologues of Woody Allen. How writers show what is actually ticking inside our crazy heads. Then I feel better about myself, knowing I'm not the only one with racing thoughts, with suicidal tendencies. I think Dosteovsky does it well in stories like "the gambler". (because I used to be a pathetic gambler too)
I might be more suited to non-fiction as that is what I read mostly. Spirituality. Now that word has become so overworn, so cliché, but it best describes what I have a passion for. And I know I come across as a sarcastic s.o.b. sometimes but there is a part of me that hungers for this stuff. In my "humble" view, the minute we put our spiritual concerns on the backburner, is when we start to falter in our lives. OK, there endeth. Maybe I should write my own bible.:)
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