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This Weekend Thus Far

Published by GrahamLewis in the blog Reflections on My Golden River. Views: 63

The heat wave has broken, and typical summer temps have settled back in. Like all waves, the heat wave broke with a crash, this the crash of thunder and heavy rain. W and I had gone further north to a fund-raising auction, and got there just as the rains did. The massive tents were flapping in the wind, and rivulets of water ran through, including over electric cords, which tended to make me nervous. Though no one else seemed to mind, and no one got injured.

We'd been planning to stay longer, but got tired of dashing back and forth between the food tent and the auction building, and even more tired of dripping water and the crush of humanity crowded together. So we left as soon as our social obligations had been met; the rain clouds followed us to our home turf, like an big obnoxious dog that has taken a shine to people who'd rather it went away. We even spent 30 minutes or so in a miles-long traffic jam caused when high winds toppled a couple massive trees onto the interstate highway, and crews had to come out and cut them up, though that was during a lull in the storms, sunshine even, under scudding clouds and framed against dark walls of cloud moving in.

By the time we got home, though, the storms had moved on, as they always do. This morning has been a beautiful blue sky with pale white accents. A slight breeze, flowers in bloom, birds singing, shades of green and brown abound around me. Orange lilies, too. The pink of a large rose granite rock sparkles out back, and I see the bounding approach of a chipmunk. I couldn't ask for a nicer day. My lovebird is out here with me on the screened porch, and he would sing along with the warbling wrens, except he more screeches and squawks than sings, though he tries and to his credit some of his softer sounds are pleasant enough. But he would insist on screeching in my ear once in a while, for the hell of it, I think.

Funny though how hot it begins to feel when one is pushing a mower around the lawn, and how refreshing a tall glass of cold water and a bit of icy watermelon can be; I suppose one must have yang to get yin. Anyway, I can't spend all day lounging. Chores need doin' and I'm burnin' daylight.
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