Those people you really remember

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Most people I meet over the course of my life are either gradually forgotten, or pushed into the back of my memory. The kind where you meet them two years later, and scratch your head, go 'Hmm, oh yes, I remember you now, youre that guy from the thing... yeah?'

But there are a very few that I never forget, the kind of person you recognise in a crowd of strangers, even after 5 or 6 years.

There was this girl, Skye, and I knew her in highschool. She went to my school for only about a month, and we were friends for only about 2 weeks. She was in my cadet unit, and we were both instructors, as well as four others, instructing the new cadets. We'd have little useless meetings, where we'd pretty much just chat amongst ourselves. Thats where I noticed her the first time.

She had blonde hair down to just above her shoulders, and really blue eyes. It looked almost like they had their own light source, they were beautiful. she was a little shorter than me, and about 7 months younger. She looked great in the cadets uniform and beret.

Her mother was a lesbian, and was very strict and femmenist. Skye lived with her mother and her mother's girlfriend, even though she didn't like either of them. She never really mentioned her dad, except to tell me once or twice that she missed him. I don't think she'd seen him for a long time. She used to tell me stories about stuff that she'd done, or people she'd known, and they seemed to contradict each other occasionally. I figured she was making alot of them up, but still,they were all pretty interesting. Some were kinda creepy. Some were very creepy.

She was very witty, and she was always smiling and joking and being sarcastic. She was a bit of a tomboy too, once when I was playfully teasing her about something, she attacked me and easily overpowered me, twisting my arm and kneeling on my back. I think she was stronger than me. Her mother probably taught her that. She was very impulsive too. Even though we seemed like complete opposite personalities, we got along great. Sometimes we'd even hang out after school, at the park near her place, if she was allowed. We weren't dating or anything, just good friends. I think. I never was too good at figuring that kind of thing out.

One friday, we had just wrapped up drill practice, and she was in a hurry, she grabbed her backpack and rushed over to me, told me she had to go do something, then before I can even say anything, grabs my shirt and pulls me down and gives me a big sloppy kiss (not my first, but probably the best) and then she was off down the hall.

On Monday she wasn't at school, Tuesday either, then the whole week went by and she wasn't there. The next week I was pretty concerned. If I'd known she was never coming back, I'd probably have said something more intelligent or sweet than 'see you later'. That friday afternoon was the last time I ever saw her.

Other friends and girlfriends came and went, some I've probably forgotten about, but for some reason I can't forget Skye. Maybe it's because I want to know what happened to her, where she went, I don't know. Like I said, I only knew her for about four weeks, but I still remember her six years later.

Every now and then I see some blonde haired girl in a crowd, or walking by on the street that will remind me of her. For some reason she's been on my mind alot these last few days, and I don't know why. I figured I'd write a bit about her and see if that helps.

Thanks for reading it if you did.
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