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Thought #00000

Published by Acidz in the blog Acidz notebook. Views: 119

I can let go you know...
" You always keep on saying stuff, to yourself... "
I can go...
" Go where? You know, that nothing here can help to justify the need to survive "
I'm sure I'll be able to convince them, if not I'll save myself then...
"Ain't life about yourself anyway?..."
I guess, but sometimes it feels as if, the people around me keep you alive?!
" You never know... You could only believe in the things your own mind generate. Not that you can even trust yourself..."

I believe in myself not being you, although sometimes I see my self from your view, the inner me...
"I have to say you are something else, something different... You differ from those around you..."
And by that you mean?
" Something I can relate to, you know we are still the same, the only difference is, your in my mind "
Your mind? You really believe that? You see... the thing is, when I think I think for you, and you only think it's you since your world is projected by me.

"Endless wonder, endless need... You still think that this is really you, your still inside that box you made and this 'you' is just another sophisticated illusion created by the one ruling both of us."

I think the box ain't real, you see the things I have, and had. Now imagine being alive and trapped inside a 'box' or 'mind' of something you created to ease the way in this realm. Something that doesn't exist but only in your reality.

In true form It's no different from the rest, just another capsule roaming 'earth' keeping a lock on the inner to avoid the 'system' from failing.
" You know nothing ever makes sense. "
I believe so... And still I'm the one in control and this life here, this moment of calmness 'sleeping' it's almost meaningless. When is the last time you really woke up? Can you really remember yesterday?
" By your law, Mentally; everything that seem unreal don't exist, or ain't true... News flash nothing is true since you never really woke up you know. Or have you, what proof do you have that this 'you' can be really you? "

Well at least I'm still in control and I can change my dream......
" What a way of controlling that dream you managed to write all of this, almost the same as the one I'm living in now... "
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