Speedy Sep 2, 2010
Completely agree with GT5. Looks great but i thought it was supposed to be a Sim? I don't know how it can be when you can ride corners on barriers. Plus FM3 almost nailed the physics system of the cars (Apart from flips, which are fiction).

Lets cross our finger's that the next generation of these games steps up further.

With Dead space, in Australia, the original received bad reviews and it did not sell very well at all. Though i loved the game. (Like The Darkness, which only received mid-reviews and sold no where near as much as it should have)

Fable 3

Peter Molyneux has ALWAYS mouthed off and goes on, and on and on.....

I would not compare a better story to FF13 either. I'm a FF fanboy and the story in FF13 was one of the worst in the franchise history. But least it's a story right? Something Fable struggles with in my opinion.