time and time and time again.....

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when you hurt you know i feel it too
and when you cry it cuts me through
your tears all fall like acid rain
and i just want to stop the pain

you turn away and you wont speak
your eyes are tired, red and weak
i'll hold you so you know im there
to share your pain because i care

later when you fall asleep
i'll sit there quietly and weep
because i know your heart is breaking
when i can feel that mine is acheing

i'll never let you see me cry
i'll be there to wipe your eyes
because i love you i am strong
and i will be there right or wrong

sometimes i'll feel like crying too
when your heart has mended new
and there you'll be to share my pain
untill i'm feeling strong again

i say these things to let you know
that i'm never going to let you go
because loving you is worth the pain
time and time and time again.
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