Time goes too fast

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Can anyone tell me why time goes so fast? It really sucks. I mean, the times that you want to go on forever, that you want to last longer, go so fast it's like they never happened. But things that you'd rather forget, that you want to rush right through, go sooo slow that you can be nothing but certain that they happened. Maybe this is the reason for people's inabilty to focus on the good things most of the time. Because the bad things seem to last so long, that the good things are like fleeting dreams that have never happened. Like holidays have been soo fun. They're supposed to last six weeks, but it only feels like a couple of days. Soon I'll be back at school again, and everything's going to end. Soon these holidays will be a dream and the rest of the year will be the reality. Good times will be there sure, but the bad times will almost easily overshadow them. So, my new year's resolution is to focus on the good, because there's too much bad to focus on. The good things will keep me going, but the bad things will make me want to lie down and give up on the world. So here's for the fleeting dream of the good times!!
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