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Someone much smarter than me once said, "Time heals everything."

Although, I'm sure this is true, sometimes it just doesn't seem that way. I've been absent as of late because I haven't been writing, and didn't feel like posting anything for fear it would come out like a pity party. I've spent the last few months wading through my own personal well of muck and excrement. It hasn't been fun, but hopefully I'm through the worst of it, and will soon start to feel more like myself again.

I know I've talked a good deal before here about how dealing with personal things can affect someones creativity. Sometimes just showing up to do the work isn't enough. Since October, I've only manages to finish one seriously crappy short about a cat destroying a Christmas tree for a rl writing group, and about two other paragraphs on a new short.

Again, not complaining, just hoping that I'll actually have something to post for critique and can be in a better mind set to do the same for others soon.

I hope that so far in 2017, the new year is treating everyone well.

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