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How fast sometimes communication that does not fit into the time between two buses, it is replaced by the monosyllabic word answers, cold and heartless, together with a capacity of many burning feelings. And it will take a minute or two, and the person does not return the same.

How easily we find substitutes for humans and feelings, allowing to liberate us from the pain, but at the same time often causing even more pain. This not stay an hour, but eventually takes many days of our life.

People change so quickly, in the morning their eyes are shining that see something good in you or in the world. In the evening, they can drown in smoke and their hands always smell of soap parfume and a mixture of rust. There is enough one day, and to adjust it takes much more time.

As always, we look to the friends, which we do not recognize anymore. Not because of a change in appearance, but because of the character, interests and principles. People change when they lose someone or something, but in our eyes they are likely to change because they lost us. It takes seconds and is irreversible.

How naive we think that things will get better with time. However, nothing is free, even for death we pay with life. And in most cases, inadequate to our available time.
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