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times are changing...

Published by story_teller in the blog story_teller's blog. Views: 116

Times are changing, or am I?

I feel like I have learn't and changed so much over the years but I wonder, am I just adapting? My goals are still the same as they were when I was a child, they are still unachieved. But I'm not anywhere near where I started, the environment, the people around me, everything is different, people and places have changed. But I don't think I have, I adapt to who and what is around me, but when left to my own devises and uninfluenced by anyone, I still spend that time doing exactly what I used to do as a child. I'm not going to specifically admit to what some of those activities might be, but I still write poems, read, fly kites and plenty more of what I used to do as a child. Maybe I'm old fashioned, I'd be more than happy tucked up in a little house somewhere raising my kids loving my partner, I have a horse or two in the paddock and a billy hidden out the back deck and I would be set!!!!
So I don't aspire to have a career and really don't care enough about money, I'm happy getting buy, some say I'm lazy, I say they are greedy, we do we want more than what our parents gave us, like it wasn't good enough (without starting a fight about who had the roughest ride in childhood) generally speaking why do parents tell children they deserve more like their parents trying there ultimate hardest wasn't ever good enough? A few generations down the track and now we are all, working and socialising all at the same time, our life is kept in our phones and laptops and it seems our heats might just stop beating and the sky's might start melting if our phones run out of battery in an untimely fashion....
I'm 27 I have no children and own nothing much at all, this isn't my lap top I'm using, and not my studio I'm hanging out in, I'm not anything close to being married and my mother is telling me I must settle down before it's to late? ummm a few questions?
By settle down? settle, that word could be taken a few ways now couldn't it? and what is it we all settle down for, or into?

What is the rush, must I settle down, must I start having babies just because I'm nearing 30? but I don't have a job, or a fixed abode? or savings or a healthy lifestyle, why are you suddenly encouraging me to rush into this if I was 16 it would be a very different type of settle down now you would be demanding would't it??

Anyway's that was a muddle to rant out, but I just wanted to say in my own little way!
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