Tips for writers from a Wanna be author. :p

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Okay, a simple tip that i can give anyone that wants to write: READ. Read different books or books that are in the same or similar genre to what you write. I'm not saying go out and copy things, but learn from Authors.

I learned how to word things and how to write from reading so much. It's something that I recommend and it helps if you enjoy reading.

And even if you write little snippets of conversation that your characters are having or senario that enteres your head, write it down! and keep it! You wil be able to look at it later nad expand. I've done that several times and have used it to my advantage.

Also another tip is write what you know. If you don't, research the basics. Get books out from a library. A pain in the ass, I know, but it's worth it if you want to look like you something!

That's if for now!

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