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So, if you're Australian, you've probably heard we're going to have a marriage equality plebiscite. that means every voter has to chip in "yes" or "no". I'm here to ask you to say "yes". Here's why:
Estimates of same sex attracted (gay, lesbian or bi) population in Australia are around 5%. (Probably higher because of closeted people) That means there are thousands of us. We are not invisible anymore, nor are we a tiny group. You probably have walked past hundreds. You probably have had a conversation with at least ten. Somewhere amongst your friends, family and colleagues; there is probably one or two of us. Are they sick or dangerous? In almost all medical opinions, homosexual attraction of any kind are not in any way sick. And there is no empirically verified test that demonstrates any danger or detriment. There is considerable evidence that homosexuality has a biological origin so is not "unnatural". But this is not needed to justify it's harmlessness. Human create technology, the primary thing called "artificial" and use it. You are using it right now. So why don't you stop your "unnatural" behaviour right now? It's a choice. right?
"Traditional marriage" has no place in secular Australian society as a law. It infringes freedom of religion and separation of church and state to enforce this Abrahamic concept. Furthermore, the concept of marriage was not specified as homosexual excluding legally here until 2004. cultural idea is not a long standing institution despite it's history. Marriage equality is not a new thing. It has been introduced in eighteen countries without damage. This includes many of Australia's allies like American and England. Marriage is supposed to be a recognition of love, and there is no evidence that suggests we have a different form of feelings other than the sex of the partners we love. So why should that love be treated unequally? A same-sex relationship is like a woman's/man's relationship only both of you act like the opposite gender to the other. Recognizing this with the institution of marriage would be a powerful gesture of acceptance. So please vote "yes" or if you can't vote share this with friends and family.
And if that all doesn't convince you; consider this; if the tradition was same-sex marriage and you are straight and want to get married, would you really believe that was perfectly fair under other's ideas?
Thank you for your time. Hope you have a good day. :blowkiss::blowkiss:
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