To be or not to be...

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Hi guys!

So, I recently had a big problem and I don't know if its a curse or what the hell it is but im sure not liking it one bit.

It appears that im turning into a "vegetarian" but not because I want to, but because my body is forcing me to do it. How come? Easy. If you lived around my block and had to see dead birds everyday you would understand me. Birds! Big, small, cracked little eggs with their tiny bodies split in half, half eaten by bugs or cats, or just lying around lifeless.

It was sad at first, then it turned disgusting. In fact so much that now I can't eat anything bird related, like chicken, turkey, hen or even eggs! It hurts because chicken used to be my favorite dish, I could eat any type of chicken, now I can't even see it.

Funny thing is I dosen't end there. Last night I got in an argument with my mother and she made me so mad that I wanted "revenge". And so, being the little devil I am, stole her tuna sandwich that she had so "lovingly" stored in the fridge. However, ignoring basic cooking rules, I ate it as fast as I could and I almost gagged! You try saving a tuna sandwich in the fridge and see what happens... The bread was all wet and spongy and it tasted like old moldy fish. Now im sad to say, I can't eat tuna either:(

So, what's next? A rotten hamburger maybe? A worm infested steak?

Bring it on life! I'll never give up all the meat!:p

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