To blog, or not to blog. That is the question...

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I hate Shakespeare. Force fed Hamlet at the tender age of fifteen, cajoled into reading Taming of the Shrew, and held captive by an English teacher, as she droned her favorite passages from Romeo and Juliet in a gaudy, fake-British accent (sounded like a cross between Cockney and South Boston Irish Brogue). It seemed the Bard of Avon wrote specifically to annoy me...just was personal. A few girls in the class feigned interest, while guys stealthily mimicked human gastric sounds, much to the delight of the terminally bored. When Mrs. M...I use only her last initial to avoid liability...when the old English teacher asked one of the worst students why he bothered to bring his Shakespeare book to class, he replied, "Good question," and promptly tossed the book out the open, second story window.

What the Hell does disdain for Shakespeare have to do with blogging?

This is my first ever blog. I admit responding to a couple blogs in the past, but blog-virgin aptly describes my level of experience, so please, be gentle with me.

Shakespeare, like blogging, causes me to ponder, "What's the big deal?" His works, of which I have the entire collection in my personal library...they make awesome bookends for stuff I really do read...but blogs seem to serve only one purpose. They exist so somebody can say they wrote something that nobody will ever want to! Shakespeare! Now I get it.

So it occurred to me, my "blog" would stand, perhaps forever, as a towering tribute Page after page of uncensored ramblings with no grade by a holier-than-thou English teacher...just my thoughts...and the distant memory-echo of Mrs. M, grinding Juliet's words into an unreceptive mind..."O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?"...this blog of mine serves no purpose...never knew Shakespeare and I had so much in common.

Nevertheless, blogging carries some mystique, a kind of religious, nerd-knighthood in today's internet world. Personal dignity demands my blog stand up to casual scrutiny by those few unfortunate soles who stumble into my mind's playpen. Do I stain my reputation with the waste byproducts of uncensored honesty? Should I deluge viewers with Shakespeare-like monotony, hoping Mrs. M will finally cast down approval from her heavenly class full of bored angels? Truth is, I don't know what the Hell to do with this venue. So here goes. No preparation. No research. Not even the slightest idea how to "blog", yet, here it first ever blog (read it with a proper British accent...might add a slight touch of cockney for the low-end crowd):

To blog, or not to blog. That is the bloody question.
Whether tis nobler in blogdom to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous ignominy,
Or to strike the keyboard against a sea of nerds,
And by opposing, offend them. To write. To blog.
No more. And by a blog-post to say we end
the heartache and the thousand natural schlocks
that the internet is heir to, tis a...

Who'm I kidding. Nobody read this far...LOL
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