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...to conquer all of me...

Published by soujiroseta in the blog Souji's Time Spent NOT Procrastinating. Views: 120

The last couple of weeks for me have been somewhat distressing. It's the end of another grueling semester and well the pressure of all those final assignments being in has been getting to me. Aside from that recovering from the chicken pox i had recently is taking forever and i have know been crowned King Spot. My friends bow whenever i enter a room and shout, "Long live king Spot!" One guy even went to the extent of setting up speakers in my room and decided to play audio of a....of....what do you call it when a chicken shouts in the morning?... Yeah that.:confused:

I feel like everything around is out to conquer me and just take over. I cant write because my characters have banded together and refuse to do what i tell them to even though their not supposed to be friends. They formed a union and refuse to speak a word of dialogue until i rethink their roles!:mad: Bunch of idiots!

Well i feel better now! Time to go bust up that union!
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