To my stolen skateboard.

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It seems like just yesterday that we met, though I know it was over a year ago.
I first saw you hanging there at the skate-shop, and I immediately knew that you were the one.
Although at first the connection was superficial, as I noticed the curve of your tail-but eventually it grew into something more.
We began to go everywhere together-
creating, destroying, and sometimes breaking the law.
We flowed through this city like a playground, exploring, and making something new each day.
I carried you down this path countless times during the summer, caring for nothing but each other, and where we were going. You were the only one I could always count on to be there for me.
I knew that no matter what was going on in my life, good times were to be had whenever we were together.
And sometimes we would hurt each other in our passion, but I know that we never really meant any of it.
All the while, in the back of my mind, I had a growing feeling of unease, because I had learned through my life that when something seems too true good to be true, often it is. But we continued on together, recklessly, moving foreword at a speed unfathomable to most sane people.
When it happened… Through my carelessness I left you in the dark, unprotected and alone. I searched for you, but you were no were to be found. The realization that we would no longer be able to create any more memories together began to flood in. Words cannot express how much I will miss you. However, through this experience I have learned an important lesson. I have learned that what matters is not the physical entity of the individual, but what they leave behind. Not a day will go by that I don’t think of you, and wonder what fate has brought you to. I thank you for the memories you have given me. I will never forget you.

Here's a video I made for it as well:
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