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-To the eventful 2008-

Published by Charisma in the blog Maniacal Mysteries Untold. Views: 82

Looks like 2008 is full of surprises for me. I think, for that matter. Three of my cousins are getting married - I have a gut feeling that my sisters will also get involved in a relationship and it also marks the year of Olympics (and many other stuff). Here's a calender of what's hoped for in this year.
January - My (to be married) cousin Wajiha's birthday
February - Farewell to the outgoing batch of 11s, we're in 10 so we'll be busy giving them a lovely farewell. Also, my sister's birthday.
March - March assessments, my parents' marriage anniversary and another cousin Waqas's wedding.
April - My friend's birthday, nothing much else.
May - Exams! Okay, nothing much else. Unless we have Olympics this month.
June - Marriage preparations for Wajiha's and Arif's marriages. Vacations too. Added, my younger sister's death anniversary.
July - Marriage of either cousin.
August - Marriage of either cousin. Also, on 14th we have INDEPENDENCE DAY!
September - Month of fasting, school, Dad's birthday, another sister's birthday, cousin's marriage anniversary.
October - Eid-ul-Fitr, my birthday, October assessments.
November - Nothing much. Unless...well I'll be quiet about this.
December - Exams, Mom's birthday and Eid-ul-Azha.
Some events always happen, but now there will be such a rush the year round I'm not sure whether I'll breathe properly! To add, my gut feelings about more than one marriage/engagement/whatsoever!

And that's why I'm sad, too. No child is perfect to their family, and especially not me. I want to make the best of this year, because it looks like my sisters will soon be leaving me. It'll be sad - not only because I love them, because I've never been as nice to them as I should be.
I know it's never too late, but if I spend to much time waiting to change on my own, it might be too late. So, I've decided - I'll change myself. Okay - I'll still be crazy (that's essentially me) - but a good crazy than a bad crazy. Get it?

I designed a reinforcement program for myself. It's funny, but I think it'll work.
Here's the highlights.
FIRST ROUND – Bold = Important
1. Contentment + Self Control
2. Patience
3. Compassion
4. Responsibility
5. Courage
6. Honesty
7. Loyalty
8. Kindness
9. Modesty
10. Soft-spoken + Politeness
11. Forgiving
12. Conservation

13. Generosity
14. Obedience
15. Helpfulness

Red – 1st quarter
Yellow – 2nd quarter
Fuchsia – 3rd quarter
Turquoise – 4th quarter

1. Patience
2. Soft-spoken + Politeness
3. Forgiving

4. Responsibility
5. Helpfulness
6. Obedience

7. Contentment + Self Control
8. Conservation

The whole program is 7 pages, or if I reduce the formatting something like 5 pages (A4 SIZE). I guess I'll post my progress once in a while in the blog, as long as I live. Insha Allah.
I hope it works!

[Note: Every virtue is important, but I'm terrible at these.]
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