Too Early for a Change?

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Well, after hem-hawing for most of the day now, I have decided (for the time being) to delete the actual murder from the story. I have saved it to a Notepad file in case I decide to put it back in. It was its own section, so there really is no problem putting it back in.

So, instead of starting page 3 of the story, I'm back to page 1. *grins*

I know this is only the first draft and that I should just be typing as things come to me; laying out the whole story from start to finish. Then, go back to the beginning and nit-pic each nook and cranny. However, while I have the overall story laid out in my head, it's the individual scenes that are giving me trouble. Some of them are interchangeable. So, I have to decide when I want to introduce certain elements.

I guess, once I get past the hurdle of introducing the majority of the characters and the story starts to really move, things will become easier.

I'm so stoked in writing this story, but I am worried about everything associated with it ... even things that won't be issue for a long time to come - querying for example. :(
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