Too much to write, so little time

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Well, the weekend wasn't as productive as I'd hoped, of course, but I did get an extra page written on Saturday. 49-1=48 pages left to make up.
I'm not falling any further behind, but it's taking me forever to catch all the way up. And anyway, what does it say about my desire to be an author that I can only do the minimum? I'm going to have to schedule in writing on the weekends the way I do during the week. At the moment, it's the usual thing of putting it off until right before bed. Or else I bargain with myself, "I'll just get my writing done, then I can do (whatever)." Which means the writing gets done, but, as I said only the minimum. I want to get this book done faster.
I have what I think is a good idea for my next book. It'll be another gay romance fantasy set in a modern alternate reality. There will be vampires, elves, a corrupt government/authority. Lots of sex and fighting. The idea's still vague right now and I'm hesitant to flesh it out any further lest I neglect my current story.
Oops, late for work.
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