Top Gear: Show us the Minis!

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For those of you who don't know, this year it is the 50th anniversary of the Mini.

Voted the second most influential car of all time, behind the Tin Lizzy, This car has been a family hatchback, a touring car, a rally car and effectively kickstarted the car modifcation industry. It's had a buggy version, a van version, an estate version, two four-door versions, a pick-up version, and many more. It has been with us for half a century, still one of the greatest small cars, if not one of the greatest of ALL cars in the world.

And next week is the last episode of the current series of Top Gear.

[size=+3]And not a single Mini has been mentioned.[/size]


Will this be addressed in a later series? Will there be an hour-long special, where the presenters go out and buy their own Minis? Will the lowly Mini even be mentioned?

I don't know, because nothing has been announced.

But they must.

[size=+4]THEY MUST![/size]

(This is a post complaining about Top Gear, not a post asserting the brilliance of the Mini. It doesn't need to be asserted, it IS brilliant, so there.)

Oh, by the way, this is not to do with BMW, AT ALL. :D
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