Topshop can have my soul.

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Seriously, they can have it, keep it, do what they want with it.

I have come to the realisation after spending yet more money today, that I am not very good at budgeting. Up until now, that hasn’t been a massive problem – when my bank account gets down to 35p so that my card gets declined from superdrug, that doesn’t matter. Yes, it is embarrassing to have to put the items back I wanted to get, but no big deal.

In two weeks however, I am going to university, and it is going to become a problem. I have worked out that once I have paid my accommodation for my first term, I’m not going to have that much money left over each month. Take off the price of my contract phone, and combine with my bad budgeting skills – let’s just say I am getting nervous. I know that if I ever did get into some serious trouble, my dad would be there to bail me out. But I really want to prove myself, that I can do this. Yes, I have been irresponsible with spending in the past, but now I will have essentials to pay for, like food.

So here’s to growing up and learning money management skills. Either Topshop will accept my soul, and I can continue to have beautiful clothes. Or, I will have to get used to budgeting. Wish me luck, I fear I’m going to need it.
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