Tossing in the Towel on finishing a Review...

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It isn't easy to want to abandon revving a terrible book, but I think I will be better off mentally for doing so. I will however proceed forward with the terrible Empress Theresa review when I get done reading it. Reads like technical manual for the 'Extreme Mary Sue', that is also absurd and absurdly boring all at the same time. Which is really strange. o_O

On the other hand, Weak For Him by the 'author' Lyra Parish, will be suspended forth with. It had started to cause me instability on the mental level. Not to mention that, while I have written some pretty perverse and depraved things, but that book made me uncomfortable with how it is portrayed. Well done on that end, being unintentionally the most grossly and creepy written piece of Rom-Rotica that is not worth finishing. Everything about it is so far removed from any sense of logic and reason, along with social and sexual conventions that it is kinda a horror conceptually in the way things play out in a random series of events.
I am not going to progress further in slowly degrading my mind on such a horrid novel, and will not be condoning that the writer should continue producing such material (or anything at all). I have left a rev on Goodreads, and that will be the end of such insane trash gaining any attention from me. However I will pass the torch, since I now know that I am not the worst writer ever. :p

Much to the delight of some enjoying me torment myself with such shit, I will not apologize for my discontinuation of doing so.
Thanks for stopping by, and I'll catch you in the next one. :superhello:
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