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Hello, my fellow weirdos!

I know, it's been a while. I wanted to take a moment to update this blog, and well, I missed all of you. I've been working on WIP's and social media for other people. Your right, excuses are like... well you know what.

Anyway, today's blog is about keeping in touch with your reader. *Ahem* Something I need to work on. Why's it important? Is it all that important? Does your reader base care if you do it?

The answer to all of those questions is a resounding yes.

If you weren't sure about that or your thinking "But Corbyn, nobody cares whether I'm keeping in touch or not..." You're wrong. Just admit it now, or if you don't want to stick with me a bit longer, and hopefully I can change your mind about that.

Sometimes as writers (especially Indy ones) we have to stop thinking of ourselves as writers, and instead, consider what we're trying to do from a business perspective. In business terms, if a company or entity isn't connecting with its consumers, they're less likely to buy that companies product. The same is true for us.

If you've followed this blog, we've discussed before how building a reader base is like building a relationship with people. Take you and me for example. If you're here reading this, it's because you have an interest in what I'm saying. You want to know how to do something specific, or you want advice on a specific topic. It's the same for your reader.

Building a relationship with a reader is promising them something (i.e., information or entertainment) in exchange for their support (reading). And now you're wondering what that has to do with touching base, am I right?

The ultimate goal for a writer in building a readership is to have a mass of people to which they can market (you guessed it) their material. By interacting with your readership, you're helping to foster and cultivate that relationship. Relationships take work, even if it's just the promise between an author and their readers.

So, as you can see taking the time to touch base with your readers isn't just important, it can be vital to a writers survival and success.

As always, I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. If there is something you'd like to see me cover in a future blog please leave me a comment below. If you like my content, please don't forget to follow me here on the forum.

Also, I can be found more frequently on my facebook page:

I've been toying with posting some Facebook live feeds on current authors I'm reading, and how they are influencing my writing. Specifically how that influence is helping me pepper in world building info without info dumping. If it's a topic you might be interested in be sure to leave a comment, or you know... leave a comment anyway. I love hearing from you all.

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