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Tough Cleans

Published by paperbackwriter in the blog paperbackwriter's blog. Views: 74

Im currently a cleaner. I clean schools. Toilets, art rooms, craft rooms, libraries, windows, classrooms, gyms, halls, outside annexes, kitchens. Its not a bad job to tell you the truth. Though the pay is understandably low being a low skilled job.
But I tell you who I am in awe of. Those cleaners who clean up after suicides, homicides, ghastly crime scenes. Just this morning I read in the paper some local mafia guy was gunned down in his car, bone, blood and brain cells smattered all inside the car. Someone has got to clean that up. Witnessing it as police do would be bad enough. But actually cleaning the car up. I just couldn't do it. And a strange trivial; thought occurred to me. After the car is cleaned up,is someone going to drive it again? Could you drive a car which you know has been used as the venue for a mafia hit? Presumably the owner of the car would become the wife. Obviously she would sell the car. Or maybe just send it to the junk yard for scrap metal?

Hardcore cleans. There are a lot of unsung heroes in our communities. Even the pay is double what I get now, I would never consider a job like theirs. But someone has got to do it. And I suspect we take them for granted.
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