Tough Love

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I'd just like to give a shout out to some people I may have posted or reviewed upon that may have close their computer feeling a little scorned. I can be a jerk, and I have a serious tendency to be obscenely rude on occasion. However, I don't post just to kick you. If you look at what I post, you'll see that I give more advice than you may readily realize. In my experience throughout my writing and filming career, I've found that people often will not take you seriously unless they are made to. As a director, this is something I take to heart when working. People are often tied to these small details, little pieces of their story that they refuse to part with, because they feel tied to them in one way or another. In order to mold clay, you must first pull out the hardened lumps in the middle, the little pieces that the clay seems loathe to be rid of. That is how art is made. You might hate me for it, but I promise that its all for the best. I'm actually a really cool guy, if you ever see me posting in the lounge or in some of the discussion forums. However, I take writing seriously, as you should. And I review only as hard as I expect to be reviewed in turn. I don't give anything that I can't take. And remember, its all in love:)
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